Chiropractic for Children


A question I am commonly asked is ‘At what age is chiropractic safe for children?’

The simple answer is ‘when they first have a spine – from birth!’

A variety of gentle techniques are used to adjust children.

Your chiropractor is trained to spot the warning signs of scoliosis, and most importantly, teach you how to perform your own regular assessment of your growing child.

The birthing process can put tremendous strain on the newborn, particularly breach or forcep birth. Our chiropractic care of babies and children is gentle, safe and comfortable. The chiropractic techniques used in our practice typically involve gentle finger tip pressures (the kind you could tolerate over a closed eyelid).

Mawson Lakes Chiropractic can help with injuries and disorders with older children and teenagers, including postural problems and sporting injuries. It is difficult to design and conduct high level evidence studies, but some studies show that children can experience improvement of musculoskeletal conditions under chiropractic care. Where possible we highlight things that young people (or parents) can do at home to help, like stretching and strengthening exercises, training activities, ergonomics and nutrition.

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