X-rays are only taken when there are clear clinical reasons for doing so, and are referred for according to accepted guidelines.

X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool. for the following reasons.


  • provide a record of the state of the structural state of your spine
  • enable disease processes to be ruled out
  • locate fractures or other signs of trauma
  • can be used to identify evidence of long term spinal decay
  • can confirm other related diagnostic findings such as posture

It is important that your chiropractor can collect as much information as possible about your condition. For example, these x-rays are of individuals who presented with mild low back pain.


Can you see the ‘kink’ in the first x-ray? And the slippage of one bone on another and subsequent disc damage in the second? (called a ‘spondylolisthesis’, for all you spelling bee fans!) And this posture-pro examination of an individual seemed to indicate a neck problem – forward head posture the culprit again?


However, the X-ray shows there was plenty of curve in the neck – in this case it was excessive stoop in the chest (over 50% increased) which was causing the problem.

At Mawson Lakes Chiropractic we refer our x-rays to specialists in X-ray imaging. You can be sure that they take all precautions to reduce the amount of X-ray exposure. In fact current research indicates that X-rays in low dosage are not as harmful as once thought.1

  1. A Rebuttal to Chiropractic Radiologist’s View of the 50 year olf, Linear-No-Threshold Radiation Risk Model (Commentary). JCCA 2006;50(3):172-181. Oakley P, Harrison DD, Harrison DE, Haas F.
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