Considerable research is on-going into the cause of migraines and headaches. Did you know chiropractic is one of the most successful treatment methods of migraines and headache? Studies show between 74- 90% reduction in migraine frequency, and clinically, far more effectiveness than taking drugs.

One of the clearest indicators of the likelihood of headaches, neck pain and migraines being present is abnormality in the shape of the neck curve. The loss of your neck curve is strongly linked to whiplash (in motor vehicle accidents), chronic poor posture, and birth trauma.

At Mawson Lakes Chiropractic, we employ the latest, most scientifically proven techniques to return the healthy shape of your neck curve, which can dramatically reduce your symptoms, no matter how long standing they may have been.

Here are two examples of a healthy curve in the neck spine, called a ‘lordosis’.


And here are some examples of the shape of the neck curves of chronic headache, shoulder tension and migraine sufferers.


What do you notice in common? Correct…they all have lost that healthy curved shaped neck spine. In some of these, the neck curve is even reversed, with the ‘c’ facing the wrong way. This is called a ‘kyphosis’. Here are some good examples.


These are two x-rays taken 7 years apart, with a focus on an area of the lower neck.



Notice the amount of wear and tear that has happened in the area of the neck where a forward curve (kyphosis) is present.

And here is the neck spine of two teenagers


Of course, this deviation away from normal does not automatically mean that they have migraine headaches. But much like a car’s wheel alignment, ‘factory specification’ is best.

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