Corrective care involves careful mathematical analysis of the x-rays. 
Traction is then used to gently pull the spine into a more normal alignment over time.

Do I have to do exercises?

Yes. Exercises are given to re-tension muscles and ligaments that may have become loose or tight over time.

Why do you have to use traction? I thought that manipulation and exercises can bring my neck curve back?

Research shows that manipulation is an excellent method of pain relief and improved motion, but is not effective in correction of spinal curvature.1-2

Sound painful….but is it?

Corrective traction can best be described as ‘uncomfortable’. Traction sessions last a maximum of 20 minutes. Corrective traction is supervised at all times to your tolerance.

How long does it take to get ‘correction’ of my neck curve?

Research indicates that between 14 to 18 degrees of curvature can be obtained after 30-36 sessions of traction lasting 20 minutes.3-5

What about my low back? Can my back curve be improved as well?

Yes. Research indicates excellent improvement in chronic low back conditions when low back curvature is restored. An average improvement of 11.3 degrees of curvature was obtained after 11.3 weeks.6

Once my curve is back, will it go bad again?

Research indicates that for the neck and low back, that after 4 years there is very little change over time in spinal curvature after the corrective traction is completed.1-4

Will it definitely work?

Current research indicates that it is statistically the most effective way to treat long term postural related pain in the neck and low back.7-9 This technique is only used when it is indicated and suitable for your case.

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