In only ten minutes would you like to know how your posture rates? Come on in for a 10 minute complimentary check up!

At Mawson Lakes Chiropractic, we use the Posture-ProTM computerized posture analysis system. The analysis is presented in an easy to understand format, and a printed copy is available as a take home copy. The amount of postural deviation away from normal is calculated, and the amount of extra force on your spine it is causing is displayed.

Posture Pro Analysis 1
Posture Pro Analysis 2

An example of a posture pro analysis.

Posture pro is also an exciting visible way of documenting your improvement from chiropractic care. Compare the reduction in the amount of forward head position in the images below. This change represents over a 50% reduction in the amount of neck strain.

Posture Pro Analysis 3
Posture Pro Analysis 4

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