Our Mawson Lakes, Adelaide practice consists of highly qualified practitioners. At Mawson Lakes Chiropractic our natural therapists believe that there are various distinct stages in helping a patient to attain a high level of wellness.

Pain Care

Pain care is also know as patch care, and consists of chiropractic treatment until such time as symptoms have satisfactorily resolved to pre-injury status.

Treatment frequency is usually two to three times per week for up to 3-6 weeks. Follow-up consultation is given if and when symptoms return. This works effectively for many people, for example when the injury is the result of a simple strain or sprain.

If there are any underlying reasons for your condition, your chiropractor will investigate them and give appropriate recommendations for further care.

Rehabilitative Care

This type of care extends past the relief of symptoms, and has the objective of achieving return to optimal function after the initial patch care. Our goal is the return to normal, of non-painful indicators such as flexibility.

This can often require up to several months of treatment at a less frequent nature, (once per week or fortnight) as ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues repair and strengthen.

Maintenance Care

Once you have returned to normal function, it makes sense to preserve your improvement and keep the rust out of your hinges!

Your chiropractor can show you stretches and exercises to help you achieve this.

Corrective Care

At Mawson Lakes Chiropractic, we are able offer a range of innovative chiropractic solutions to your problems.

CBPtm Corrective care is an extremely well researched and effective long term chiropractic solution to chronic problems that ‘just never seem to go away’. It is very different to our traditional chiropractic care. It has the very achievable goal of returning your posture and spinal curves to ‘as factory delivered’. And best of all, the long term results are outstanding.

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